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Car Parking

Where to park

Surrey Sports Park endeavours to offer free parking for all guests and the University of Surrey has implemented a number of parking conditions to ensure safe, functional parking is available.

Three car parks are available for guests to use Monday - Sunday. There are a number of disabled priority spaces at the front entrance. A designated bicycle parking area is also available. Both car parks are managed and monitored to ensure safe, functional car parking and guests are reminded to adhere to the on site car park signage and park in available bays. Excellent public transport access is also available, with a number of bus routes operating from the main University of Surrey campus and key areas of Guildford. 

The main car park is found adjacent to the Surrey Sports Park building at the top of the hill and is accessible throughout the hours of opening.

The second car park is an overflow car park which can be accessed next the to the main entrance lane to Surrey Sports Park at the top of the hill on the left. 

The third parking facility is near the main entrance, next to the Campus Kids Nursery and should be used when main parking area is full. There may be occasions when either car park may be used for Event parking only. Appropriate signage will indicate these occasions.

Car Park Management

Please adhere to the parking regulations as signposted and park in a designated parking space. These regulations are enforced and managed by Town and City Parking. Parking Charge Notices may be issued for obstructive parking or unattended vehicles. Examples include parking:

  • In no stopping zones
  • In no parking zones / double yellow lines
  • Longer than 3 hour limit (unless official sign displayed)
  • Between 23.00 - 06.00
  • On or over a pathway or grassed area
  • In such a manner as to interfere with the movement of traffic
  • In a fire route
  • Within any bus stop
  • In any other location where parking would create an obvious hazard or impediment
  • In the overflow car park when it is being specifically reserved for an event

Vehicles are left at the owners risk. Any motor vehicles parked, operated or driven on Surrey Sports Park facilities should be done so solely at the risk of the owner and the operator. Surrey Sports Park will not be liable for damage to any such motor vehicle, vehicle contents, the operator, other occupants, or any other person.

If damage or inconvenience is occasioned to any motor vehicle being removed or towed away or impounded pursuant to the regulations, neither Surrey Sports Park nor its servants or agents will be liable or responsible in any way whatsoever for said damage or inconvenience. Nothing in this paragraph will affect the liability of any independent contractor carrying out the removal, towing away, or impoundment of the vehicle.